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Nirupama Sumangala

930 N. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

(734) 763-9318

Academic Background

August 2017 - Present         PhD in Biophysics.

August 2009 - May 2014      Integrated B.S & M.S in Systems Biology.


Research project

Cytochrome P450s comprise a superfamily of membrane-bound heme monooxygenases responsible for the metabolism of ~75% of drugs in the current market. Electron transfer from Cytochrome P450 reductase (CPR) is a key step to the enzyme catalysis, and there exists an equilibrium between high-spin and low-spin ferric iron that determines the enzymatic function of P450. My research focuses on studying the spin state of P450’s heme in the presence of lipid membrane, redox partner, and substrate using biophysical experiments and peptide-based lipid nanodiscs.

Professional experiences

June 2015 - August 2015      Research Assistant, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research - Center for Interdisciplinary Sciences. India.


The catalytic function of cytochrome P450 is entwined with its membrane-bound nature.
C Barnaba, K Gentry, N Sumangala, A Ramamoorthy. F1000Research 6. 2017

Sumangala N., Mahajan M., Ravula T. and Ramamoorthy A. Cytochrome-P450’s spin state influences its binding affinity to its redox  partners. Poster presentation at Biophysical Society, USA 2018.


Biophysical Society Conference, San Francisco, California, USA. 2018