An International Symposium on 

Atomic View of Bio-molecular Function

July 11 - 13, 2013

University of Michigan


The symposium will cover the latest developments related to biological NMR including the following topics: 

  • Structural biology of membrane proteins
  • Misfolding of amyloid proteins
  • Antimicrobial peptides
  • New NMR techniques
  • NMR-based metabolomics
  • NMR applications to biological solids

Symposium Schedule is available here


Invited Speakers

    Dr. Hideo Akutsu

    Osaka University, Japan.

    Dr. Michèle Auger

    Laval University, Canada.

    Dr. Matthias Buck

    Case Western Reserve University, USA.

    Dr. Lynette Cegelski

    Stanford University, USA.

    Dr. Ulrich Dürr

    INFAI, Germany.

    Dr. Richard M. Epand

    McMaster University, Canada.

    Dr. Toshimichi Fujiwara

    Osaka University, Japan.

    Dr. Koichiro Ishimori

    Hokkaido University, Japan.

    Dr. Sukhmann Kim

    Pusan National University, South Korea.

    Dr. Carmelo LaRosa

    University of Catania, Italy.

    Dr. John Markley

    University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA.

    Dr. Giuseppe Melacini

    McMaster University, Canada.

    Dr. Eric Munson

    University of Kentucky, USA.

    Dr. Matsumori Nobuaki

    Osaka University, Japan.

    Dr. Yusuke Nishiyama,

    JEOL Ltd, Japan.

    Dr. Robert Powers

    University of Nebraska, USA.

    Dr. Daniel Raftery

    University of Washington, USA.

    Dr. Hazime Saito

    Hiroshima University, Japan.

    Dr. Sunil Saxena

    University of Pittsburg, USA.

    Dr. Simon Sharpe

    University of Toronto, Canada.

    Dr. Akira Saito

    Yokohama National University, Japan.

    Dr. Ruth Stark

    The City University of New York, USA.

    Dr. Sung J. Kim

    Baylor University, USA.

    Dr. Thomas Szyperski

    University of Buffalo, USA.

    Dr. Pei Tang

    University of Pittsburg, USA.

    Dr. Fang Tian

    Penn State University, USA.

    Dr. Gianluigi Veglia

    University of Minnesota, USA.

    Dr. Hans Vogel

    University of Calgary, Canada.

    Dr. Yan Xu,

    University of Pittsburg, USA.

    Dr. Patrick van der Wel

    University of Pittsburg, USA.

    Dr. David P. Weliky

    Michigan State University, USA.

    Dr. Richard Wittebort

    University of Louisville, USA.

    Dr. Michael Zagorski

    Case Western Reserve University, USA.



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