Welcome to the ramamoorthy (RAMS) lab!

Ramamoorthy lab - Fall 2019

Behind row (left-to-right) - Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, Giacomo Di Mauro, Nathaniel Hardin, Vojc Kocman, Thirupathi Ravula, Satoshi NagaoFront row (left-to-right) - Krishnarjuna Bankala, Sarah Cox, Andrea Stoddard, Zhou Deng, Kevin Nguyen, Xiaofeng Dai, Bikash Sahoo

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NMR and Music

Rams lab presents "NMR and Music." Please, check out our initiative here.

News from the Ramamoorthy lab

September 2020

Welcome Stanislav Cherepanov!

The Ramamoorthy lab welcomes a Biophysics rotation student.

Welcome Srikar Munukutla!

The Ramamoorthy lab welcomes his first "virtual member" Srikar, who will be studying the musical aspects of NMR spectroscopy!

Srikar Munukutla obtained his BS in Biology, Health, and Society from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2020. His past research interests include identifying molecular mechanisms in diabetes and related heart diseases. He holds a strong interest in NMR, and wishes to pursue its applications to biology as well as education.

August 2020

Molecular Bases of Proteinopathies

A virtual meeting of talks, activities, and discussion on "protein multimerization: the bad and the good"

Click here for more details...

January 2020

Nathaniel Hardin's Dissertation Defense - January 9th

January 9th - Nate successfully defended his dissertation with the title "Synthesis and Characterization of Polymers and Development of Polymer Based Lipid-Nanodiscs".

Congratulations on your Ph.D. in Chemistry, Dr. Nate!

December 2019

Sarah Cox's Dissertation Defense - December 6th

December 6th - Sarah Cox successfully defended her dissertation with the title "Biophysical Characterization of Amyloid Disease-Related Peptides Using Small Molecule Tools".

The entire Ramamoorthy lab fully supported her with a customized T-shirt.

Congratulations on your Ph.D. in Chemistry, Dr. Cox!

November 2019

Rams' Inaugural Lecture - November 17th

November 17th - Excellent talk from Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, a.k.a. Rams, on "Probing Membrane-Assisted Dynamic Protein-Protein Interactions by NMR".

What a great support from the lab members!


Rams' Inaugural Lecture - November 17th

November 4th - Mark your calendar and join us on November 11th at 4:00 PM at the 10th floor of Weiser Hall at the University of Michigan.

Professor Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy, the Robert W. Parry Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Biophysics, Inaugural Lecture will present his latest research about "Probing Membrane-Assisted Dynamic Protein-Protein Interactions by NMR".

More information are available here.

October 2019

Rams visited Nankai University in China

Check this out.

Students abroad love the University of Michigan and support Rams' Lab.

#goblue #gorams

Amazing seminar from Dr. Jennifer Lee from NIH

October 17th - Dr. Jennifer Lee from NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA visited our lab.

Thank you for such a great talk about "Membrane Interactions and Amyloid Formation of alpha-Synuclein".

Biophysics Annual Retreat 2019

October 21st - Rams lab participate to the Annual Biophysics Retreat 2019 at the Washtenaw Golf Club in Ypsilanti, MI.

A lovely day sharinging our latest data with the Biophysics community at the University of Michigan, recruting new students.

New website for the Rams lab

October 7th - A new website is officially available for the Rams lab. Enjoy!

Biophysics Graduate Student Seminar

October 4th - Congratulations to Dr. Bikash Sahoo for his amazing talk on "Nanodiscs: A powerful tool to probe protein misfolding and amyloid aggregation".

The whole lab participated offering great (and customized) support!

October 1st - We are pleased to welcome Jesse and Joseph.

Jesse is a Biophysics Ph.D. student, rotating in our lab for the Fall 2019 semester.

Joseph, after a collaboration during the Spring/Summer '17 term, is back to the Ramamoorthy lab for the Fall '19 semester.

Biophysics Ph.D. program
Biology, B.Sc.

September 2019

Thank you Dr. Subramaniam Ganapathy!

We kindly thank Dr. Ganapathy for his valuable help during the time spent visiting our lab. He is now back to India where more students can benefit of his skills

See you soon!

Great success for the Gateway NMR Meeting

September 22nd, 2019

Thank you all for coming, see you all in 2020!

Seminar from Prof. Haribabu Arthanari

September 20th, 2019

Thanks to prof. Haribabu Arthanari from Harvard University and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for his amazing talk about "Emerging methods in solution NMR and applications to illuminate blind spots in human biology".

Check out our upcoming event! A 2-day full-immersion NMR meeting is heading to the University of Michigan. Click here for more information and find out the schedule and the list of key note and invited speakers.

Great Seminar from prof. Lucia Banci

September 2nd, 2019

Prof. Lucia Banci from CERM, Florence, Italy visited our lab.

Thank you for such an amazing talk about "In Vivo NMR".

In the picture, from left-to-right: Thirupathi, Rams, Lucia Banci, Giacomo.

Lab member's Highlights

Nate Hardin obtains his Ph.D.! January, 2020. Congratulations, Dr. (Fancy) Nate!

Sarah Cox obtains her Ph.D.! December, 2019. Congratulations, Dr. Sarah!

Katie Gentry obtains her Ph.D! December, 2018

Congratulations to Katie for receiving a Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship!

Joshua Damron obtains his Ph.D.! March 14, 2018

Congratulations, Dr. Josh!

Kian Kamgar-Parsi obtains his Ph.D! December 14, 2017

Congratulations, Dr. Kian!

Congratulations to Kian and Sarah for both winning a poster competition award! - International Conference on Protein Misfolded Diseases, Catania, Sicily, Italy (July 31-August 3 2017)

Kyle Korshavn obtains his Ph.D! December 14, 2016

Congratulations, Dr. Kyle!

Congratulations to Rams for winning a Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award!

Read the article here!

Congratulations to Kyle for winning a Conference Travel Grant for his wonderful talk at the Karle Symposium!

Congratulations to Kyle for receiving the Henry Earle Riggs Dissertation Fellowship!

Meng Zhang obtains her Ph.D! May 13, 2016

Congratulations, Dr. Meng!

Congratulations to Meng and Kyle for the 2016 Summer Research Award from the Chemistry Department!

Amit Pithadia obtains his Ph.D. December 11, 2015

Congratulations, Dr. Amit!

Samuel Kotler obtains his Ph.D. August 3, 2015

Congratulations, Dr. Sam!

Josh receives an NSF fellowship 2015

Congratulations, Josh!

Nirbhay Jain receives the 2015 Walter Yates Award 2015

Congratulations, Nirbhay!

Rams has been appointed as Hans Fischer Senior Fellow in the Institute for Advanced Study at Technische Universitat Munchen, Munich, Germany

Ali and Michael receive the Undergraduate Research Fellowship 2015

Congratulations, Ali and Michael!