Bikash Ranjan Sahoo, Ph.D.


2016 - Biophysics Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan

Research Project

Protein misfolding and aggregation into amyloid fibers happens during aging and cause diseases like Alzheimer's (AD), Parkinson's ( PD ) and Type 2 Diabetes ( T2D ). Among numerous intrinsic and extrinsic factors that modulate the protein aggregation, cell-membrane is strongly associated with the pathogenesis of these diseases. We, therefore, would like to explore the molecular mechanism of such aggregation at atomistic scale using lipid-nanodiscs that provides a native membrane-mimetic model environment. We are integrating a variety of advanced biophysical and computational approaches to tracking the dynamic structural changes of two major amyloidogenic peptides amyloid-beta (Aβ) and Islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) that are connected to AD and T2D, respectively. The research findings and the high-resolution structure elucidation will be greatly helpful to develop therapeutic strategies not only for AD and T2D but also for several devastating neurodegenerative diseases in which amyloids are involved.

Selected Publications

Full-list of publications.

(22) 2020 - Sahoo B.R., Beiker M., Liu Z., et al., Structural Interaction of Apolipoprotein AI Mimetic Peptide with Amyloid-β Generates Toxic Hetero-oligomers, Journal of Molecular Biology 432, 1020-1034.

(21) 2020 - Ravula T., Sahoo B.R., Dai X., Ramamoorthy A., Natural-abundance 17O NMR spectroscopy of magnetically aligned lipid nanodiscs, Chemical Communication (In press).

(20) 2020 - Watanabe-Nakayama T., Sahoo B.R., Ramamoorthy A., Ono K., High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy Reveals the Structural Dynamics of the Amyloid-β and Amylin Aggregation Pathways, International journal of molecular sciences 21(12), 4287.

(19) 2020 - Sahoo B.R., Liang W., Tang WJ., Ramamoorthy A., High-resolution probing of early events in amyloid-β aggregation related to Alzheimer's disease, Chemical Communications 56, 4627-4639.

(18) 2020 - Cox SJ., Lam B., Prasad A., et al., High-Throughput Screening at the Membrane Interface Reveals Inhibitors of Amyloid-β, Biochemistry 59, 2249–2258.

(17) 2020 - Bharadwaj P., Solomon T., Sahoo B.R., et al., Amylin and beta amyloid proteins interact to form amorphous heterocomplexes with enhanced toxicity in neuronal cells, Scientific Reports 10 (1), 1-14.

(16) 2020 - Sahoo B.R., Souders C., Ivanova M., et al., Conformational tuning of amylin by charged SMA copolymers , bioRxiv.

(15) 2020 - Sahoo B.R., Liang W., Tang WJ., Ramamoorthy A., Degradation of Alzheimers Amyloid-beta by a Catalytically Inactive Insulin Degrading Enzyme, bioRxiv.

(14) 2019 - Lin Y., Sahoo B.R., Ozawa D., Kinoshita M., et al., Diverse Structural Conversion and Aggregation Pathways of Alzheimerʼs Amyloid-β (1–40), ACS nano 13, 8766-8783.

(13) 2019 - Sahoo B.R., Genjo T., Maharana K., Ramamoorthy A., Self-assembly of polymer-encased lipid nanodiscs and membrane protein reconstitution, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123, 4562-457 .

(12) 2019 - Sahoo B.R., Genjo T., Watanabe-Nakayama T., Ando T., Stoddard AK., Yashahura K., Fierke CA., Ramamoorthy A., Cationic polymethacrylate-copolymer acts as an agonist for β-amyloid and antagonist for amylin fibrillation, Chemical Science, 10, 3976-3986.

(11) 2018 - Lee YH., Lin Y., Cox S.J., Kinoshita M., Sahoo B.R., Ivanova M., Ramamoorthy A., Zinc boosts EGCG's hIAPP amyloid inhibition both in solution and membrane, Biochimica et Biophys Acta Proteins Proteomics

(10) 2018 - Sahoo B.R., Genjo T., Bekier M., Cox S.J., Stoddard A.K., Ivanova M., Yasuhara K., Fierke C., Wang Y., Ramamoorthy A., Alzheimer's amyloid-beta intermediates generated using polymer-nanodiscs, Chemical Communication 54:12883-12886.

(9) 2018 - Sahoo B.R., Genjo T., Cox S.J., Stoddard A.K., Anantharamaiah G.M., Fierke C., Ramamoorthy A., Nanodisc-forming scaffold protein promoted retardation of amyloid-beta aggregation, Journal of Molecular Biology 430:4230-4244.

(8) 2018 - Barnaba C., Sahoo B.R., Ravula T., Meza I.M., Im SC., Anantharamaiah G., Waskell L., Ramamoorthy A., Cytochrome-P450 induced ordering of microsomal membranes modulates affinity for drugs, Angewandte Chemie 57:3391 -3395.

(7) 2017 - Yasuhara K., Arakida J., Ravula T., Ramadugu S.K., Sahoo B.R., Kikuchi J., Ramamoorthy A., Spontaneous lipid nanodisc fomation by amphiphilic polymethacrylate co-polymers, Journal of the American Chemical Society 139:18657-18663.

(6) 2017 - Sahoo B.R., Maruyama K., Edula J.R., Tougan T., Lin Y., Lee YH., Horii T., Fujiwara T., Bioengineered bovine Cathelicidin-5 with enhanced anticancer and antimicrobial activity, Scientific Reports 7:44781.

(5) 2016 - Sahoo B.R., Fujiwara T., Membrane mediated antimicrobial and antitumor activity of Cathelicidin 6: Structural insights from molecular dynamics simulation on multi-microsecond scale, PLoS ONE 11: e0158702.

(4) 2015 - Sahoo B.R., Dikhit M.R., Bhoi G.K., Maharana J., Lenka S.K., Dubey P.K., Tiwari D.K., Understanding the distinguishable structural and functional features in zebrafish TLR3 and TLR22,and their binding modes with fish dsRNA viruses: an exploratory structural model analysis, Amino Acids 47: 381-400.

(3) 2014 - Sahoo B.R., Maharana J., Patra M.C., Bhoi G.K., Lenka S.K., Dubey P.K., Goyal S., Dehury B., Pradhan S.K., Structural and dynamic investigation of bovine folate receptor alpha (FOLR1), and role of ultra-high temperature processing on conformational and thermodynamic characteristics of FOLR1–folate complex. Colloids and surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 121: 307-318.

(2) 2014 - Sahoo B.R., Maharana J., Bhoi G.K., Lenka S.K., Patra M.C., Dikhit M.R., Dubey P.K., Pradhan S.K., Behera B.K., A conformational analysis of mouse Nalp3 domain structures by molecular dynamics simulation, and binding sites analysis. Molecular BioSystems 10: 1104-1116.

(1) 2012 - Sahoo B.R., Basu M., Swain B., Maharana J., Dikhit M.R., Jayasankar P., Samanta M., Structural insights of rohu TLR3, its binding site analysis with fish reovirus dsRNA, polyI:C and zebrafish TRIF. International journal of biological macromolecules (2012); 51: 531-543.

Oral Presentations and Posters

2020- International Symposium on Pathomechanisms of Amyloid Diseases , Miami, FL, USA (Best Oral Talk Award)

2019- 33rd Annual Symposium of The Protein Society, Seattle, USA (Travel Award)

2018 - 3rd Gateway NMR Conference, Pittsburgh, USA (Best Poster Award)

2018 - 32nd Annual Symposium of The Protein Society, Boston, USA (Travel Award)

2016 - Regulatory Peptide Society, Rouen, France (Travel Award)

2015 - Protein Science Society Japan

2015 - 7th International Peptide Symposium, Singapore

2014 - Biophysical Society Japan

2012/13 - Indian Science Congress (Best Poster Award)

Academic Awards

2020- Elsevier Journal Award (Best Oral Presentation), Miami, FL, USA.

2019 - Isadore and Margaret Mezey Junior Investigator Travel Award, Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

2019 - The Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Travel Award, 33rd Annual Symposium of The Protein Society, Seattle, USA.

2018 - The FEBS Journal Poster Award, The 3rd Gateway NMR conference, Pittsburgh, USA.

2018 - The Hans Neurath Outstanding Promise Travel Award, 32nd Annual Symposium of The Protein Society, Boston, USA.

2016-2017 - Research Scientist, RIKEN Fellowship, Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan

2016 - Regulatory Peptide Society "Young Investigator Travel Award", Rouen, France

2013-2016 - Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) Scholarship, Japan

2012- Indian Science Congress (99th) Best Presentation Award, Bhubaneswar, India.

2010-2012 - Senior Research Fellow, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), India

2009-2010 - Research Internship, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), India