Christian Macdonald


2015 - Present - Ph.D. Candidate, Biophysics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Co-advisors: Prof. A. Ramamoorthy and Randy B. Stockbridge

2015 - B.S., Biochemistry and Mathematics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

Research Project

I am interested in developing and applying novel solution and solid-state NMR methods to study protein-protein and protein-membrane interactions.


(5) 2018 - Kermani A.A., Macdonald C.B., Gundepudi R., and Stockbridge R.B., Guanidinium export is the primal function of SMR family transporters, PNAS 201719187.

(4) 2017 - Macdonald C.B., and Stockbridge R.B., A topologically diverse family of fluoride channels, Current Opinion in Structural Biology 45, 142–149.

(3) 2017 - Macdonald C.B., Stockbridge R.B., Phylogenetic and Sequence Analysis of the Flucs, a Remarkable Family of Fluoride Channels, Biophysical Journal 112(3), 255a.

(2) 2015 - Pettit G.R., Arce P.M., Chapuis J.-C., and Macdonald C.B., Antineoplastic Agents. 600. From the South Pacific Ocean to the Silstatins, Journal of Natural Products 78, 510–523.

(1) 2015 - Pettit G.R., Smith T.H., Arce P.M., Flahive E.J., Anderson C.R., Chapuis J.-C., Xu J.-P., Groy T.L., Belcher P.E., and Macdonald C.B., Antineoplastic Agents. 599. Total Synthesis of Dolastatin 16, Journal of Natural Products 78, 476–485.

Oral Presentation and Posters

2018 - Macdonald C.B., Evolution of substrate specificity in the Small Multidrug Resistance (SMR) family of transporters, Society of General Physiologists 72nd Annual Symposium (2018)

2017 - Macdonald C.B., Phylogenetic analysis of the Flucs, a family of fluoride channels, Biophysical Society 61st Annual Meeting (2017)