Giacomo Di Mauro


2018 - Present - Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2015 - Chemistry of Materials, M.Sc., University of Catania, Italy

2012 - Chemistry, B.Sc., University of Catania, Italy

Research Project

Polymer nanodiscs and NMR applications.


(7) 2020 - Di Mauro G., Hardin N., Ramamoorthy A., Lipid-nanodiscs formed by paramagnetic metal chelated polymer for fast NMR data acquisition, BBA Biomembranes, 1862, 9, 2020, 183332

(6) 2019 - Hardin N., Kocman V., Di Mauro G., Ravula T., Ramamoorthy A., Metal-Chelated Polymer Nanodiscs for NMR Studies, Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

(5) 2019 - Kocman V., Di Mauro G., Veglia G., Ramamoorthy A., Use of Paramagnetic systems to speed-up NMR data acquisition and for structural and dynamic studies, Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 102, 36-46.

(4) 2019 - Hardin N., Ravula T., Di Mauro G., Ramamoorthy A., Hydrophobic Functionalization of Polyacrylic Acid as a Versatile Platform for the Development of Polymer Lipid Nanodisks, Small, 15, 1804813.

(3) 2018 - Ravula T., Hardin N., Di Mauro G., Ramamoorthy A., Styrene maleic acid derivates to enhance the applications of bio-inspired polymer based lipid-nanodiscs, European Polymer Journal, 108, 597-602.

(2) 2017 - Ravula T., Ramadugu S., Di Mauro G., Ramamoorthy A., Bioinspired Size-Tunable Self-Assembly of Polymer-Lipid Bilayer Nanodiscs, Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56, 38, 11466-11470.

(1) 2016 - Sciacca M., Lolicato F., Di Mauro G., Milardi D., D'Urso L., Satriano, The Role of Cholesterol in Driving IAPP-Membrane Interactions, Biophysical Journal 111(1), 140-151.

Oral presentations and posters

2019/09 - Di Mauro G., Hardin N.Z., Ramamoorthy A., Paramagnetically-labelled SMA-based nanodiscs, Gateway NMR Conference (Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.)

2019/04 - Di Mauro G., Hardin N.Z., Kocman V., Ramamoorthy A., SMA-derived nanodiscs for high-resolution NMR studies, SMALP Conference (Utrecht, Netherlands)

2017/07 - Di Mauro G., Ravula T., Ramadugu S., Ramamoorthy A., Bioinspired, size-tunable self-assembly of polymer-lipid bilayer. International Symposium on Protein Misfolding (Catania, Italy)