Nathaniel Hardin


2017 - Present - Ph.D. Candidate, Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2016 - B.Sc., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research Project

Polymer Nanodiscs, Polymer Functionalization, Drug Delivery, Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement


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(6) 2019 - Hardin N.Z., Ravula T., Di Mauro G., Ramamoorthy A., Hydrophobic Functionalization of Polyacrylic Acid as a Versatile Platform for the Development of Polymer Lipid Nanodisks, Small, 15, 1804813.

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(1) 2017 - Ravula T., Hardin N.Z., Ramadugu S.K., Ramamoorthy A., pH tunable and divalent metal ion tolerant polymer lipid nanodiscs, Langmuir 33 (40), 10655-10662.

Oral Presentation and Posters