MetaboID – a software package for user-guided NMR spectral assignment

A Matlab™-based user interface explicitly designed to aid in the assignment of complex mixture spectra.

Current features:

  • Freely editable spectral library, currently consisting of 360 unique compounds collected from the BMRB and HMDB
  • A collection of 3 tools designed as a guide through the assignment process (currently for 1D NMR spectra)
  • Open-source code to encourage development of user-specific processing tools

Click here to download MetaboID:

Get the MetaboID manual: view

Link to tutorial videos: Coming Soon!

Amyloid Forum: Shared Protocols

We have started a project on the Research Gate website (www.researchgate.net) to share protocols and promote discussion among amyloid researchers. For this project, we chose the Research Gate website as the forum like nature of the site does allows an ongoing discussion of research. Alzforum is a very good site with some of the same goals. Currently, this project differs somewhat from Alzforum in its focus on methodology rather than specific results (although their is obviously many areas of overlap), the informal nature the site (comments and papers can be posted quickly), and a focus on all amyloids rather than only those only involved in neurodegeneration. Currently, we have 10 research groups participating and hope to increase this number.

Please send an email to Jeff Brender (jbrender@umich.edu) if you wish to join (the Research Gate website currently only allows you to view the project if you accept an invitation from a current member.

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